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This is a process of self discovery. A process of finding ones true self and expressing it without apology. By exploring the world from as many perspectives as possible I hope to gain the necessary insights to shape my own belief systems while never becoming dogmatic. To keep my strong opinions loosely held so that I remain open to education while still maintaining the courage of my convictions.



Use each second to create memories, relationships and goodness in the world and build others up to the same. Through the acquisition of skills and then the transfer of those skills to the greater good I hope to actively create the world and environment I want to live in. The responsibility is mine.


Stand in your truth and be uncompromising about it and in doing so give others the space to do the same. Change the world one person at a time...Starting with myself. By taking extreme ownership of my life and being responsible for the circumstances I encounter I choose to never be a victim but instead the creator of my destiny.

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